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The Risk Engineering Story

Risk Engineering, Inc. was started in 1984 by Robin McGuire. Robin is a world-renowned expert in seismic hazard analysis and developed the first widely-used software programs used for probabilistic seismic hazard, named EQRISK and FRISK, while working with the US Geological Survey in the 1970s. These public-domain software codes are still in use today around the world, and have been the basis for many of the modern seismic hazard codes used by seismic hazard analysts.

Risk Engineering began as an engineering company specializing in seismic hazard projects for some of most critical facilities in the world. We have been associated with projects in over 50 countries on every continent across the globe (see the link to our consulting projects.

Later in the 1980’s, the company grew to add consulting services in reliability analyses and performance assessments, using advanced probabilistic methodology. Applications of this advanced methodology often requires collaboration with earth scientists or other engineers. This area of research continues to be a major part of our business today.

In 1989 Risk Engineering released the first portfolio analysis software package to be focused on quantifying the aggregate earthquake risk facing insurance companies. This software package, EQLOSS™, was ahead of its time in technology and efficiency.

In the mid-nineties, Risk Engineering launched EZ-FRISK™, a single site probabilistic seismic hazard tool that enables other engineers and scientists to study seismic hazards easily and flexibly. Today it is the most widely used tool of its kind; its use has spread throughout the world.

In 1998, Risk Engineering collaborated with Degenkolb Engineers of San Francisco to produce ST-RISK™, which extends the capabilities of EZ-FRISK™ to analyze earthquake risk to individual structures. As one of the most respected earthquake engineering firms in the world, Degenkolb’s expertise in estimating a building’s response to earthquake motions complements our experience in seismic hazard and probabilistic analysis to create a tool that is unmatched in technology.

Today Risk Engineering continues to be entrusted with seismic hazard projects that span the globe and are vitally important to the world’s infrastructure. Visit the news site to get a better grasp on some of our current ongoing projects.